Frequently Asked Questions


We use naturally active ingredients and harness nature’s most powerful and skin compatible botanicals across our product range in order to create high performance natural skincare that cares for your skin.

No. We never test on animals. We use human volunteers. In addition we refuse to use ingredients that are traditionally animal-derived and instead use vegetable-derived ingredients.

We’re committed to creating a caring skincare range and this philosophy informs everything we do. We source our ingredients from ethical, well-respected laboratories. Our formulas are carefully devised and tested vigilantly using human volunteers with a range of skin types and concerns.

Our thorough testing process means that some products can take over a year to perfect, but our exhaustive approach ensures we only launch the most efficacious products that we know you will love.

We adhere to the highest industry standards and practice microbiological testing, create control batches and perform stability tests.

Everything we do is with customer satisfaction in mind. Exceptional skincare requires exceptional attention to detail at every stage.

Yes. Our range is free from any wheat derived products and 100% gluten free.

Yes. We know that our customers have high expectations which is why we use Marine Algae as a key ingredient in much of our range. Algae is a concentrated form of the ocean’s minerals, trace elements, amino acids and enzymes – and acts as a naturally balanced super ingredient that’s chemically compatible with the body. This means that our products can deliver intense skin nourishment, thanks to the biocompatible ingredients.

In the short term this means the Oiyari range will leave your skin looking refreshed and revived and over the long term, the high performance formulations of our products will improve your skin at deeper level, as each product has been designed to support healthier skin function and minimise the signs of ageing.

At Oiyari we only ever use natural antioxidants and seaweed-based preservatives. Our range is free from synthetic preservatives, parabens and formaldehyde and fifty percent of our range contains no preservatives whatsoever. Instead we use Honeysuckle Extract which acts as a a natural, plant-based preservative that is strongly anti-bacterial and anti-viral. We also use leuconostoc which comes from fermented radish root – a naturally antimicrobial extract which stabilises
formulas while hydrating your skin.

We use Liquid Oxygen (from a blend of Perfluorodecalin and Perfluorhexane) in our night cream because of its ability to fight free radicals, optimise your skin’s metabolism and speed up cell renewal. This process allows skin to heal and appear younger looking and revitalised.

Our Skin Power Day Cream provides SPF30 broad spectrum protection against UV rays and is fortified with powerful antioxidants to fight against environmental damage. Our SPF is derived from a blend of Zinc oxide and Rhatany root extract and is easily absorbed leaving no chalky residue.

100% Free From

GMO, toxins, fillers, colors, fragrances, synthetics and preservatives

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Never tested on animals

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